Topic outline

  • General

    The United Nations is committed to reducing its environmental footprint to the greatest extent possible. Efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the organisational level focus on changing travel and procurement policies, retrofitting office space and sourcing ‘clean’ energy. But sustaining emissions reductions in the longer-term will depend on the engagement of all staff.  

    Several UN agencies - led by UNDP and UNEP - have therefore been working together to develop Greening the Blue: the tutorial. The purpose of the one-hour tutorial is to ensure that all UN staff:

    • - Understand the UN’s commitment to combatting climate change
    • - Understand key concepts of UN environmental efforts such as offsetting
    • - Are empowered to make green decisions, primarily at work when designing, delivering and managing UN projects and programs, but hopefully also in their private lives.
    • - Change their behaviour and ultimately reduce the UN’s footprint.