Living in a World with HIV: A UN Cares e-learning course is now available to all UN Secretariat staff: "As raising awareness about HIV continues to be a priority for the United Nations and the broader global community, an e-course containing the latest information on HIV as a workplace issue has just been launched for all UN Secretariat staff by UN Cares." The e-course is intended to be a complement to the face-to-face mandatory orientation sessions that are offered to UN employees around the world. In the e-course you will find the most up to date information.

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Several UN agencies - led by UNDP and UNEP - have therefore been working together to develop Greening the Blue: the tutorial. The purpose of the one-hour tutorial is to ensure that all UN staff:

  • Understand the UN’s commitment to combatting climate change
  • Understand key concepts of UN environmental efforts such as offsetting
  • Are empowered to make green decisions, primarily at work when designing, delivering and managing UN projects and programs, but hopefully also in their private lives.
  • Change their behaviour and ultimately reduce the UN’s footprint.

Pursuant to the Ethics Office's mandate to strengthen an ethical culture throughout the Organization, the purpose of the online training is to promote ethical awareness and ethical-decision making so that staff are better enabled to fulfil the mission of the UN.   The training addresses typical ethical issues faced by staff, and is designed to promote a common understanding of best ethical practices and standards of integrity.