UNKampus Portals is an e-learning platform for UN staff. The United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC) has created this platform to enable other UN System organisations to distribute open and free global learning initiatives for UN staff.

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User registration and participation in UNKampus Portals activities are free. Many courses and activities are open to public view, requiring only login as a “Guest” when prompted. However, we encourage you to login with your Portals account to ensure you can prove accomplishments and benefit from the best user experience.

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Courses published on this platform have been created by various UN system organisations and address a wide range of issues which are of interest to UN staff: From learning activities in support of internal campaigns (i.e. efforts to make the UN more environmentally friendly), to values and core competencies (i.e. conflict management, procurement, etc.) 

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The Internet is a confusing world in which it is easy to get momentarily lost. Are you a participant in a UNSSC face-to-face, blended or online learning activity looking for the website that contains resources and activities relative to the course in which you are enrolled? You are likely looking for UN Knowledge Campus (UNKampus) then, instead of Portals.

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UNSSC courses

Courses designed and delivered by the UNSSC are distributed through UNKampus, a similar on-line learning and collaboration platform. Use of that website is limited to alumni and current participants in UNSSC formal learning programmes and knowledge sharing events. UN staff receive login instructions upon acceptance in a UNSSC course or event. Participation in UNSSC formal learning activities may require payment of a tuition fee.

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